Jesus Changed My Life

True stories about Jesus' work in the live's of real people


The Orchard

Easter 2019

Jesus is Greater


There Is Nothing Jesus Can Not Restore


A Dream 50 Years In The Making

Sean And Reggie

Legacy Episode one

Jeff And Becky

Legacy Episode Two

Melissa's Story

Healing The Heartbreak Of Abortion

Josh And Christy

How Jesus Used A Broken Marriage To Change Lives

Love Till The End

How One Man Deals With The Loss Of His WIfe

Never Too Far

The Story Of Forgiveness Beyond Human Ability

Chris And Jen

Keeping Jesus At The Center Of Our Marriage

The Business Of Giving

Two Owners Change The Way They Do Business

Bryan's Story

I Met Jesus While Playing Baseball

Jesus Wins

3 Different People Share How Jesus Wins In The End

When Strangers Become Friends

A Couple Meets Jesus In a City Group


How Two Parents Move Forward After The Loss Of A Child

Short Stories

Joe And Maria

Jesus Is Now First In Our Lives


I'm Excited To Follow Jesus For The Rest Of My Life


He Saved Me From Myself, and Redeemed my regrets


I Felt Like I Was Living Under A Dark Cloud


I Have Never Felt More Free Or More Fulfilled


I've Been Set Free By The Truth

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