City Groups

Where we do normal life, learning to follow Jesus in life-giving relationships.

Learning to follow Jesus in life-giving relationships

At Grace City we believe Christianity is a team sport. Through our City Groups we cultivate an environment for spiritual growth and health in all areas of life. Our Group Leaders are humble leaders and growing learners who take responsibility for the discipleship of a group of people, leading them into the identity and lifestyle of a family of servant missionaries.

How to Get In A Group

Jump in! If you’re interested and want to learn more or are ready to try out a group, sign up for one of our Launch Group Experience.

Interested in helping start or lead a City Group?

How City Group Changed our Lives: Josh & Christy's Story Part 1
How City Group Changed our Lives: Josh & Christy's Story Part 2

When Groups Happen

2020 City Group Quarters

WINTER QUARTER: Week of January 6 - March 31 (12 weeks)

Spring Break

SPRING QUARTER: Week of April 14 - June 30 (11 weeks)

Summer Break

SUMMER QUARTER: July - August (Varies: 1-2 times a month or break as needed)

FALL QUARTER: Week of September 16 - December 9 (12 weeks)

Christmas Break

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