Too Busy? Listen to This

Too Busy? Listen to This

Sometimes I’m thankful for technology. Sometimes not. But one of the greatest online services I’ve personally benefited from is I’ve always had a desire to read more. I love books. But when life is busy, I tend to become more of a book collector than a book reader. I have great I buy books, put them on my shelf, then walk by them every day.

There’s so much value in reading books. We can be entertained, encouraged, exhorted, and enlightened. But if we don’t have time to read, we miss out on all those benefits.

What I love about Audible is the ability to listen to a book while I’m doing other tasks. Whether I’m driving, doing yard work, or at the gym, I find a great deal of value in redeeming that time by multi-tasking. And since I’m going to do those things anyway, it’s not taking any extra time to also read (listen to) a great book.

I love printed, underlined, and easy to grab off the shelf for reference. Books are great to take on vacation, or to do in-depth study, or to slow down and relax with. But now I’ve found a more efficient way to read more books more often. Over the last couple years I’ve gotten busy and only read 3-4 books total. Embarrassing, I know. But since I subscribed to Audible 5 months ago, I’ve listened to 21 books! Some of these have been on my shelf for years, but never opened.

And here’s a little side benefit that I didn’t expect: finishing ‘hard’ books. When you read books that were written in a different time or culture, it can take longer for your eyes to read and interpret the words and sentence structure, especially with the writing style of some authors. This makes it harder to stick with them. But when you just listen, you benefit from all that great content without the struggle; meaning, you’ll actually read more books...especially classics! Something that is hard to read can be a joy to hear. Some personal examples for me have been books by Henry David Thoreau, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and C.S. Lewis.

The subscription is about $15/month and includes a book of your choice every month. And you can always return any book you don’t like, even after reading it!

I’m not a salesperson for Audible but I’m a fan of efficiency and getting more done. I’m also thankful that after many years of good intentions, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and perspective from many classics, leadership books, and “must-reads” that I should have read a long time ago. Yes, thanks to technology.

I want to encourage you to read more take an active role in your personal development. And if the busyness of life is limiting your ability to do that, give a try.

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