Summer Daily Devotional - Psalm 37

A Really Good Slap in the Face

A Really Good Slap in the Face

Man, I needed that sentence. 

Like you, I was running through my morning when the thought hit me, "Oh yeah, the daily reading." 

So I grabbed my Bible, flipped to Psalm 37, and got slapped in the face.

"Fret not yourself because of evildoers."

Right hook—right to the face. 

Mostly because that's EXACTLY what I was doing at that very moment. 

So I kept reading. 

No less than three times in the first eight verses, David (the author) was exhorting me, reminding me, pleading with me to stop the very thing I was doing: "Fret not yourself over evildoers..."

And then David gave me a list of reasons why. 

  • The wicked will fade like grass (vs. 2)
  • The wicked will be cut off by God (vs. 9)
  • The wicked will not inherit the land (meaning, eternal life; vs. 9)
  • The wicked are laughed at by God, right before He destroys them (vs. 13) 
  • The wicked will be brought down by their own evil (vs. 15)
  • The wicked will have their arms broken (that is to say, their strength and power revoked; vs. 17)
  • The wicked will perish like passing smoke (vs. 20)
  • The wicked will be cut off from God, by God, forever (vs. 22)
  • The wicked will be utterly destroyed (vs. 38)
  • The wicked have no future, and God will guarantee it (vs. 38)

In other words, my problem was I was stuck in the weeds of worrying over evildoers, and David was trying to lift my perspective to the horizon of eternity. And with that view in mind, the picture became clear...the wicked lose. In fact, they lose big. And to be more precise, they lose big at the hands of God. 

So if you're on God's team, don't let the losers get you down. 

But David didn't stop there. He knew my fickle, faint heart needed something more than just "don't do that." So he exhorted me to action, appropriately:

  • Trust in the Lord and do good (vs. 3)
  • Delight in the Lord (vs. 4)
  • Commit your ways to the Lord (vs. 5)
  • Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him to act (vs. 7)

Four concrete things I could do, right then, before going headlong into my day full of challenges and hurdles. TrustDelightCommitBe still. Even has I was reading, I felt my heart rate slow, by blood pressure lower. Ok...thank you Lord. I began praying even as I was reading.  

And it just kept getting better. As if I needed any more convincing that this was the better path, David told me why it was:

  • The Lord will give me the desires of my heart (vs. 4)
  • The Lord will give me the inheritance of land (the New Earth; vs. 9)
  • The Lord will uphold me with his power (vs. 17)
  • The Lord will establish my steps (vs. 23)
  • The Lord will pick me up when I fall (vs. 24)
  • The Lord will help and deliver me from every trial (vs. 39)

Well, that seems like a pretty good deal. 

Quite amazing, in fact.

It's incredible how the prospect of my entire day changed in 10 minutes reading 40 verses.

And all of those promises happen because of one reality:  "...because they take refuge in Him." (vs.40)

So be encouraged, brother and sisters. David has a word for you this morning.

Fret not.

Take hope. 

Stand strong. 

Look to God.

Be courageous.

Do justly.  


Because those who set themselves against God will come to ruin.And those who look to God as their strong tower will be delivered.

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