On a cold Sunday afternoon in 2008, ten families sat in a circle & asked one terrifying question: “Should we really plant a church?” The risk seemed high, the cost great, the work hard. But 16 months of prayer & study had led to this defining moment. God was growing in them a passion to bless their city and give their life to see more people meet, love, and follow Jesus.

One by one, hands went up around the circle. It was unanimous.

Grace City Church was born that day.

  • Oringianl Church Planting Team Retreat where we cast vision and launched Grace City

  • Signing incorporation papers of Grace "Covenant" Church

  • First service held in Cashmere, WA on May 18, 2009

  • First sermon preached at Grace City

  • First baptism of Grace City Church!

  • Moved to the Wenatchee SDA building in November of 2009 and launched 2 services

    Marked by practical straight-forward preaching, joy-filled passionate worship, and warm-hearted genuine people who cared more about where you were going than where you came from, Grace City has not stopped growing. 

    From the beginning, our focus was to love those not yet in the room. Since that Sunday in 2008 we have baptized over 425 new believers in Jesus Christ. We have helped plant multiple churches, equipped & trained dozens of pastors, and given over a million dollars away to our community, church plants, missionaries, and local non-profits. And we have big dreams to do a lot more.

    We encourage you to experience for yourself how fulfilling life can be when it’s lived with people you love, doing things that matter, for something bigger than yourself.

    The focus is simple, the work is great, the invitation is on the table. There’s an adventure of discovery and blessing that awaits. We’d love to have you join us!

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