Launching what we’re calling a “Grace City Original”, this study of Luke will be done in a new and unique way for us at Grace City. Rather than using typical “sermon series” language, we’re using the story-telling language of our time. We’re viewing the entire series like the release of a new network show, with that single show having multiple seasons, with each season containing multiple episodes.


S1 E9

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The wild man with the crazy hair and the bizarre outfit comes out of the woods to deliver an offensive message to a crowd of important people. It’s “speaking truth to power” on steroids. And this is the way Jesus thought best to be introduced to the world? Not the most likely of starts for a successful campaign. But the message lands home. 

In this message Pastor Josh unpacks the powerful truths that not only unlock the keys to eternal life but also to living all of the Christian life through the ongoing posture and practice of true, biblical repentance. 

Immensely practical, the sermon includes 4 essential steps to true repentance with God and others, 2 kinds of sinners that most of us forget but all of us are, and 17 signs to help self-diagnose if you suffer from the most dangerous sin of all...religiosity.


S1 E8

How did Jesus go from a youth to a man? How did Jesus go from small-town blue-collar guy to Savior of the world? Could boy Jesus speak multiple languages as a kid and just didn’t tell anyone? Pastor Josh unpacks the oft-missed reality of Jesus’ humanity and what that would have looked like in his early developmental years. And in so doing we see a powerful roadmap for us to follow in growing up into maturity. This powerful message, addressed specifically to youth but applicable to all, unpacks the truths that while physical growth happens natural, spiritual growth and maturity happens intentionally.

S1 E7

In one of the most recognizable and commercialized events found in all of Luke, Pastor Josh unpacks surprising lessons from the familiar story. That while God’s arrival might have been expected by some, the way in which He came was entirely unexpected. 

A sermon that examines both the historical events and theological implications of Jesus’ birth, it’s the practical lessons of how God works that land home in this fresh way to understand the old story of the birth of Jesus.

S1 E6

Has your mouth ever gotten you in trouble? Zechariah can relate. He’s been mute for 9 months because he doubted God’s announcement that a child would be born to his elderly barren wife Elizabeth. In this sermon, the silence is broken for both Zechariah and Israel as we finally welcome the arrival of the promised prophet, John the Baptist, the forerunner to Jesus. Zechariah gets a second chance to speak up. What will he say this time? And what kind of child will John the Baptist be? Listen as Pastor Adam walks through Luke 1:57-80.

S1 E5

In Episode 5 we take another look into the faith of Jesus mother, Mary, through her famous song of worship. There were many ways she could have responded but instead of fear and anxiety, God forged in her a heart of joy & praise. “My soul glorifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” Pastor Adam highlights 5 things that fill her song that fill the hearts and minds of Christians

S1 E4

In Luke 1:39-45, Mary runs to visit her relative Elizabeth. Both women are miraculously pregnant, the two most important and impossible pregnancies in the history of the world. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. In this joy-filled passage, we see three blessings in the lives of these women that Luke doesn’t want us to miss. Mary, Elizabeth, and even John (from the womb) respond to the presence of Jesus with faith, joy, and worship.

S1 E3

One of the most scandalous parts of Jesus’ story is the claim that his mother Mary was a virgin. How could a child be born to a virgin? What kind of preposterous story is this? Can a thinking person take this seriously? In this episode Pastor Josh shows how the craziness of the story is actually an argument for its validity. Who could make this up? As he unpacks the story of Gabriel’s announcement to Mary, we learn 11 striking things about Jesus and examine how Mary’s response is an extraordinary example of faith for us to follow. 

S1 E2

Luke gives us the most detailed account that we have in the Bible of the people and events surrounding and preceding the birth of Jesus. In Episode 2 of WHO IS JESUS? Season 1, "Meet The Family," we encounter the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth, two members of Jesus' extended family. Pastor Josh highlights six, practical to real life observations from this incredible and moving backstory to the arrival of Jesus.

S1 E1

In this pilot episode launching season one of “Who Is Jesus?" Pastor Josh introduces us to the man and author of the gospel of Luke. Luke was a historian, theologian, humanitarian, and medical doctor highly trained in the finest Greco-Roman schools of medical science. With an eye for detail and razor-sharp logic, Luke undertook the massive research project that resulted in the longest and most detailed biblical account of Jesus’ life. Luke is recognized by Christian and secular scholars alike as a first-rate historian without peer in antiquity. In his introductory remarks unpacked here by Pastor Josh, Luke lays down three foundational keys to understanding not only his accounting of the man Jesus Christ, but also the very premises of Christianity itself.

Sundays 8a, 9:40a, & 11:20a


This study of Luke will be done in a new and unique way for us at Grace City. Rather than using typical “sermon series” language, we’re using the story-telling language of our time. We’re viewing the entire series like the release of a new network show, with that single show having multiple seasons, with each season containing multiple episodes. Here’s how it will work. Each season of this new Grace City Original “Who Is Jesus?” will take a specific portion of the Jesus story and break it down into multiple episodes.

Season 1: Meet the Family Season 1 takes place before Jesus’ birth and during his early childhood. This 11-episode season gives us unprecedented access inside Jesus’ family of origin.

Season 2: Going Public starts with Jesus and Satan going head-to-head in a defining confrontation, leading to Jesus’ public & controversial ministry launch.

Season 3: Clash examines Jesus’ explosive interaction with the politicians, public figures, established powers, critics, religious leaders, and demoniacs of His day.

Season 4: The Story-Teller explores the timeless stories Jesus told that gripped his audiences and changed the world.

Season 5: Kingdom Come delves into Jesus’ shocking teaching about the coming Kingdom of God and what it meant for established religion and culture then and now.

Season 6: Death March takes us deep into the intrigue and tragedy of false accusations, rigged trials, bribery, betrayal, and an unjust murder that led to social upheaval and the fall of a kingdom.

Season 7: The Rising Season 7 ends with an astonishing turn of events that leads to a world-wide movement.


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