Launch Group

Get to know the life of Grace City Church by Going to Launch Group.

Get Trained

It’s a six week Gospel Community training course where we provide the foundation for living out the Gospel in community with God’s people.

Launch Group Asks 4 Questions

  1. What is the Gospel?
  2. What is the Church?
  3. What is a Disciple?
  4. How do we make disciples?

As these questions are answered, we discover that the Gospel has a power and a purpose that greatly affects our everyday lives.

We discover that our identity in Christ is fleshed out when we see ourselves as a family of missionary servants who make disciples. We live out these identities best as we walk in the biblical rhythms God has laid out for us in his Word.

The Bottom Line: Launch Group is the basic training that infuses the DNA of Grace City Church which is Gospel Communities on mission. We are not just the Church gathered on Sunday mornings, we are the Church scattered every day of the week.

You are invited to explore with us this wonderful and exciting new journey by attending our next Launch Group Training.

To sign up, register HERE or email  or talk with someone at the Connect Center.

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