GCC 101

Get to know the life of Grace City Church by going to GCC 101 Membership Class

Want to know more about GCC? If so, come and join the Elders as they share the history, mission and vision of Grace City Church.

Explore, Commit, Invest

GCC 101 covers the following topics

  1. History of GCC
  2. Marks of Missional Drift
  3. GCM Paradigm
  4. Big Picture Theology
  5. Major Themes in Scripture
  6. Foundational Doctrines and
  7. Theological Distinctives
  8. Missional Matrix
  9. Marks of a healthy church
  10. Theology and Philosophy of Church Membership
  11. GCC Membership Overview
  12. Why Membership
  13. GCC Membership Covenant
  14. GCC Doctrinal Statement

Typically GCC 101 starts on a Friday night and concludes on a Saturday afternoon. GCC 101 is offered 3 times per year. Ask at the Connect Center for the date of the next GCC 101 class.

To sign up, register HERE or email   or talk with someone at the Connect Center.

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