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My Thoughts on Living Life Single

Posted by Robin Carey on

I was interested and a bit surprised by the announcement that the number one question submitted as an idea for the recent Sermon Series was “How do I deal with being single?” It caused me to do some mental meanderings and think about things I have learned over the years as a single...

R.E.A.A.C.T. How to Fight Temptaion

Posted by Pastor Josh McPherson on

I read a sentence last week that captured for me the essence of what's at stake in the battle against temptation: "Take heed, my brother, when you are tempted, for the next minute may be the pivotal moment of your life." That's sobering. To think that I will face moments of...

Josh's Journal

Posted by Pastor Josh McPherson on

What's Pastor Adam Doing? Hey Family, I wanted to follow up on my Sunday announcement a few weeks ago regarding Pastor Adam's sabbatical. We at the office are over-the-moon excited for him and his family. This is a well-earned, well-deserved break for a man we love very much. I'm going to be...

9 Questions for the New Year, Part 2

Posted by Pastor Josh McPherson on

Grace City Family, One of the marks of a healthy and growing person is that they are constantly making plans to do important things that matter. Like faithfully fulfilling their role as husband, wife, father, mother, student, employer, employee, child of God, member of the Church, etc. They...

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